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Be free, as you were created to be, to realize what you were created to do
Take control of your time and the
Universe around you will change
24-Hour System
The hour is 60 minutes
0 additional hours per day
0 extra hours per year
30-Hour System
An "hour" lasts 48 minutes
6 extra hours per day
2,190 extra hours per year
extra time
Time is a top-secret account
opened by God in your name.

Own time is the only personal account you will never know anything about. How much did the Supreme creator gift you? How much is left? The only thing we can do is manage "expenses". Don't let the time run out and reduce your life account to null ahead of time! How? Bakkoura brand, devoted its life to the study time flow and found 2,190 extra "hours" in a year. Every year. The time that you will spend on the right things. After all, life is measured in deeds, not in hours.

Time control

The NO LINE project is a decoding of the time code.
It is necessary to realize the importance of time, recognize it and touch time.
In the age of speed, we must change the division of time to keep up with development.  Change the stereotypes that do not reflect its truth and adjust the way we measure time. Then we will be moving in the right direction. We will be able to feel and control time, which helps us like a third hand.
The proof of this is in our achievements.

Our watches are a concept that makes you forget about time.
Their value is that they do their duty.
Buy them only to prove your ownership.
Time is consistent, it does not repeat itself.
Actions are the memory of time
Our watches are our emissaries
Only rich people buy our watches.
Our watches are anthropomorphic mechanisms.
Time is the spine of eternity.
Feelings are the inhabitants of time
A life in which time is absent

Imagine that time has disappeared and there is no time in the Universe.
We now live in a world where there is no next moment and past moments have disappeared.
We have no history and no future, we have no memory and no hope.
We live in one moment that lasts forever, and our senses are not renewed.
A rose that has not yet bloomed will not bloom, and a wilted rose will not wither.
We find ourselves stuck, and the thought of it terrifies me.
People who have succeeded and impacted the world have realized the importance of time before it was lost. Use your time wisely and respect it to the best of your ability. Make the most out of it.
Those who do not value time live as if one moment lasts forever, without time.

No Line  Project

The time system of the existing one:

It's simple.
A pizza that was divided into 6 slices, Jihad Bakkura divided it into 8 and there's more of it.
It's eaten slowly, quietly and with gusto, and if you're satisfied, you can give the extra two slices to those around you: family and loved ones.
A loved one's hour is a moment, and a moment when you are empty and alone is an hour.

Time is shared by feelings, measured by accomplishments, assessed by values.

In the No line time system, an hour consists of 48 minutes, so a day becomes 30 hours.
This is convenient for adventurers and dreamers who feel the pressure of living in a 24-hour system.
The dial of this system is divided into 30 parts, in which the new time (30 hours in a day) and the old time (24 hours in a day) are highlighted.

Thus, a person can see two times simultaneously and know how much time is gained and how much time is lost.

This feeling is synchronized with time itself.
If 12 minutes are added to each hour, there will be an additional 6 hours in the day!
Time is as important as water.
If you have two hours to complete a task, you will manage your time to accomplish it in that time.
And if you have an hour to accomplish the same task, you will accomplish it in an hour.
We humans are higher beings, we can program ourselves.
Try waking up at night and looking at your watch and feeling that you didn't sleep enough, because you only slept for 4 hours and you definitely need more sleep.

But if you know that a whole 4 hours have passed, you will wake up refreshed.
A clock that divides the day into 30 parts helps you to clearly see the time changes on the clock.
If you allocate an hour (48 minutes), you'll have time to get everything done and feel like you've done it. And if you want an hour to exercise and meet with loved ones to be 60 minutes, and according to Noon's time system it is 1 hour 12 minutes, you will feel comfortable because you have increased your interest in yourself and loved ones.
Proper wealth sharing in all areas is the foundation of progress and growth.
Sharing is also the basis of balance and assimilation.
If you carry a bag weighing 20 pounds, you will get tired of its weight.
If you divide that weight into five bags, however, it becomes easier to carry, and if you divide it into ten bags, it becomes even easier to carry.
The weight itself does not change, but it is distributed according to your ability to carry it.
This world is built by those who stick to their goals and use their unique ideas.
Pythagoras said in 500 BC that the Earth is round, and the Vatican did not recognize this until 1922.

We have always been told that there are 24 hours in a day and that they don't change, even though the academic time of the hour is 45 minutes and the working hour in Europe is 50 minutes, and our ancestors had 16 hours in a day and nine months in a year.

Nowadays, many nations adopt the lunar calendar, according to which there are 354 days in a year, and a day can range from one minute to 48 hours

Time is a flexible concept that changes as needed. We divide time according to what we need.
This is the essence of the Noun time system - it is your choice.
If you see a problem, you can solve it.
If you are stressed about not having enough time, you can make more time.
If you want to change, you can do it.
If you want to know more, you can learn it.
be free.
The proof is in our freedom.

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